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My leg hurts now. You don't need to tell Vickie what to do. It finally got warm enough to go outside without a jacket. Is it in the room? I've been wondering about that all day. Is anyone interested in learning new things? This job will mean moving to another city. Let's just not talk anymore. She's in a depression.

If he doesn't accept the job, somebody else will. Stay tuned. We'll be right back.

Natraj and Rick are both Canadians. Kentucky screams "fuck". Where did you pick up that accent? Give me a head of cabbage. Byron made me promise not to go there again. I know that the last thing you want to do is help me. Carole destroyed his marriage by lying to his wife. The shop assistant went out of his way to find what we needed. Antonio took it for granted that Wendi already knew what had happened. He got tired of reading.

How many examples per day can you add?

Jaime wasn't that bad.

Shai jumped to his feet. You're my girl now. The use of trust-region algorithms is becoming more and more frequent. Louis needed to sweep the floor. I saw your friend the other day. I hear that you play the piano. Do you know what they're called? They were drinking dry white wine.

Does it get much sun? Can I sit with you? We're still working. Help me find them. We hate Polly as much as you do.

What's the new teacher like?

I'd like you to come with us. We can't let this happen. I was happy when they doubled my salary. I should never have thought, dear boy of mine, that you were so dainty and fussy about your food. Bad, very bad! In this world, even as children, we must accustom ourselves to eat of everything, for we never know what life may hold in store for us! I didn't mean to! The principal called and said you weren't at school today. That chimney is very high. You're not funny.

Jerboas look like kangaroos due to having many similarities such as long hind legs, very short forelegs, and long tails. I work with her boyfriend. I didn't do much yesterday. Many children were playing in the park. You people know nothing. Jwahar is going to do fine. The medic knew that it was a carcinogenic substance but didn't inform the authorities. I do as little as I can to get by. We have three dogs. Marla wore a pirate costume.

I knew you'd come around. Jose looks jittery.

Since a disaster occurred, few passengers survived. I'm not taking my eyes off you.

Just take it easy, OK? What time is it in Boston now? The two houses stand alongside of each other.

Your hands are really soft. What happened in the third inning? I've never come across such a strange case. Syd must've known that would happen. What's more important to you? Is there any reason why sentence should not be imposed at this time? Jim isn't really listening.

Work pace is left up to the individual employee.

Kimberly was knifed to death. The things you own, they end up owning you. I couldn't take my eyes off Sangho. Put something on and let's leave already. You can't make someone love you. Human beings are not made to understand life, but to live it. Do you have any problem with what we have planned for tonight? I thought I heard the door open. You may not like what you discover. I memorized the powers of two up to twenty-four.